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Growing flowers can be a fun activity. For all ages. You can do projects that will bring beauty to your environment.

Growing flowers can be a fun activity for all ages. You can do projects that will bring beauty to your environment.

Planting can be a fun time. And can be shared with your love ones. Kids love to watch things grow. They also like to take care of whatever you are planting. A planter and some potting soil plus some tuberose bulbs will be a great way to start your own flower garden. Some sun. And some rain from God. Before you know it you will start to see green growth. How exciting this is!

As we suggest in our growing tips page. The tuberose bulbs really enjoy being dug up out of the ground every two or three years. The reason being. Is that this bulb multiplies so rapidly. And this will prevent your stems and blooms from performing the task at hand you desire. About mid-August we start digging up the bulbs.  

Sherry and I then bring out the garden wagon. We gather up the bulbs and bring them back to our carport. Sherry then gets our “garden cutter” out. And starts the process of cutting off about 3/4 of the foliage and knocking off any extra dirt. We then put them in bread trays and let them dry out for 4-6 weeks. Its best not to let your bulbs get wet after this.

During the month of October. We start putting the bulbs under the house. Where it will be dark and warm (45*-55* ) for winter storage.

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