Growing Flowers for Fun

Twenty reasons to grow TUBEROSES. Because, anyone can have a green thumb.

dancing tuberose flower

  1. Enhances the beauty of your home.
  2. Picture perfect flowers.
  3. Top quality bulbs.
  4. Long lasting blooms.
  5. Twenty-five years in this business.
  6. Our customer satisfaction policy.
  7. Strong stems and wax like fragrant blooms.
  8. Multiply rapidly each year.
  9. A choice cut flower.
  10. Place customer comments on pages.
  11. Easy to plant.
  12. Require no special care.
  13. A tropical beauty.
  14. Bring the summer indoors.
  15. Planting bulbs is really so easy.
  16. Extremely drought tolerant.
  17. A real treasure in your garden.
  18. Perform exceptionally in most areas of country.
  19. Tp grow as bright and shiny as a summer day.
  20. 5-10-5 grow mix.
sun flower doll

Family time equals quality time

What better activity than planting with your family. Children LOVE flower colors. Because of there saturated, earthy tones. And they appreciate seeing there hard work grow into a beautiful display for outdoors or indoors.

flowers in boots
owl with plant
flowers in Childs hand

Time outdoors is refreshing

Add fresh air and sunshine to any project. You’ll find that most people will find it very enjoyable. Yet nowdays. People are chained to indoor electronics like tvs and computers. Gardening projects are here to the rescue!

Here are some products we can recommend for staying protected while getting the job done:

Ongoing garden maintenance is staying proactive!


As your garden projects grow, you’ll need to focus on maintaining a healthy growing environment. By fertilizing, and eliminating weeds and keeping out pests. Here are some suggestions:

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